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Mediterranean Mosaic Phase II project, 2016 – 2019
Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Project Title: Mediterranean Mosaics – Strengthening the Resilience of Mediterranean Landscapes to Socio-Economic and Climate Change” – Phase II

[ Duration: 36 months ]

Objectives and Activities

Objectives of the action
Objective 1: Develop and test strategies for the adaptive management and conservation of water resources to benefit biodiversity and sustainable development.
Objective 2: Develop and test strategies for ecological restoration, adaptive management and conservation of forests to benefit biodiversity and sustainable development.
Objective 3: Restore landscape multi-functionality through integrated land planning and the support to economic diversification, with a focus on agriculture, tourism, and energy sectors.

Target group (s): SBR Villages local community

Main activities
Activity 1.1.1: Produce a water map of SBR highlighting seasonal availability and gaps in the different watersheds
Activity 1.1.2: Identify landscape hot spots for interventions to enhance water availability
Activity 1.1.3: Hold workshops in all the municipalities of SBR to share outcomes of the study.
Activity 1.2.1: Production of technical study on the best options for water harvesting and storage in the SBR
Activity 1.2.2: Construction of facilities to increase water availability for wildlife, livestock, and firefighting.
Activity 1.2.3: Compilation of guidelines for water harvesting and storage in SBR
Activity 1.3.1: Develop and implement pilot management plan for 10 hectares of terraces
Activity 1.3.2: Provide TA to terrace owners to implement the management plan
Activity 1.3.3: Compilation of set of guidelines for terrace adaptive management in SBR
Activity 2.1.1: Map project area with GIS and gather baseline information
Activity 2.1.2: Develop participatory forestation plans covering forested land of MMI&II
Activity 2.1.3: Implement 25 HA of new forestation/restoration work in 4 municipalities of SBR
Activity 2.2.1: Create Forest Management Committees in all target municipalities
Activity 2.2.2: Create AGSBR including municipalities, community associations and local NGOs, SBR management
Activity 2.2.3: Create network of community forest users for the production and marketing of forest-related goods
Activity 2.3.1: Carry out gap analysis of capacity and needs of partner municipalities
Activity 2.3.2: Design and implement a capacity building plan for members of the FMC
Activity 2.3.3: CB plan for local community members, with an emphasis on farmers-to-farmers knowledge transfer
Activity 3.1.1: Signature of binding agreements between the SBR authorities and two municipalities
Activity 3.1.2: Develop one adaptive plan for each of the two municipalities, including detailed GIS maps
Activity 3.1.3: Train the key stakeholders for the implementation
Activity 3.2.1: Establish consortium of tour operators and service providers for SBR and build its capacity
Activity 3.2.2: Compile catalogue of packages and services in SBR
Activity 3.2.3:Design and implement marketing strategy for the above
Activity 3.2.4: SBR joins the Europarc Network and adopts the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in PAs

Estimated Results
Result 1.1 Water management and conservation guidelines for SBR developed and validated.
Result 1.2 Increased water availability in key sites of SBR through pilot investments on water harvesting and storage.
Result 1.3 Water-saving agriculture practices tested and validated making use of traditional practices and new technologies.
Result 2.1 Good practices for socio-ecological and climate resilient forestation finalised and consolidated, through joint forestation exercise with four SBR municipalities.
Result 2.2 A consortium of municipalities, community users and the SBR authority for forest management and conservation is set up and functional, standing as a model best practice for up scaling and replication.
Result 2.3 Institutional and grassroots actors in/around SBR empowered to lead the restoration, monitoring and management of forest ecosystems.
Result 3.1 Two adaptive land-use plans for the buffer and development zones developed and adopted by two municipalities of the SBR, with a focus on agriculture, tourism, housing development and energy.
Result 3.2 Sustainable tourism strengthened in SBR through the creation of a consortium for marketing and service enhancement, and through international policy and marketing measures.