Rural development program

Al-Shouf Cedar Society has undertaken the Rural Development Project since February 1999, aiming to conserve and develop raw materials and handmade provision.
The project had since then contributed in granting aid to 40 families by producing more than 70 products that are promoted on the main entrances of the Reserve which receive yearly more than 40000 visitors from different nationalities.
Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve shows visitors the patrimony and traditions of the local community through its food products such as marmalade, herbs, jams, beverage, distilled waters and craftworks.
The program is developing by establishing three ateliers for women and beekeepers in Mrusti, Baadaran and Jbaa villages, equipped by the necessary materials to produce the rural products.
Objective of marketing and business plan for rural products:
The purpose is to improve ACS rural production program in order to increase revenues to ACS and the local community. This will be achieved by assessing the current situation, understanding production constraints, and identifying new opportunities for product marketing. The proposed marketing and business plan will increase revenues in support of rural development.