Barouk Festivals

Barouk Municipality - August 16-19

Traditional rural dinner , Rural products ,Acrobatics ,Concerts and dance teams

Moukhtara Festivals

Moukhtara Municipality - August 17

Annual Festival: “Moukhtarat Al Moukhtara” , Traditional rural dinner ,Musical concert ,Fireworks

Green Orient camp

Green Orient - August 30

Environmental educational camp designed to raise environmental awareness about eco-tourism, forest fires, biodiversity… Welcoming in the Park House Breakfast, Movie and Field visit

11 th Khreibeh Festivals

The sports club and municipality of Khreibeh September 1

Run in nature with famous artists , Traditional rural dinner , Musical concert, Walking in nature, Marathon,

Mresti Festivals

Mresti Municpality - September 15

Musical concert , Exhibition of apple and rural products , Traditional rural dinner

Maaser Al Shouf Festival

Maaser Al Shouf Municipality -September 23

International year of forests and Acacia tree , Rural products , Traditional food , Games for children , Awareness lectures about reforestation..,