Environmental Awareness Program

The vision of the Environmental Awareness Program is to introduce and make clear to greater number of common people the importance of conserving the nature and the ecosystem, in particular the reserved zones and to create the environmental motive among them.

The education program in Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve offers a series of different educational trails throughout the reserve.
Students can clearly observe the landscape and discover the wildlife. Along the trail, students are introduced to the rich biodiversity of the reserve lead by the wooden signs installed throughout the trails and are taught to read animal prints and trails. One path in particular guides visitors through the villages surrounding the reserve, outlining the unique history of the people in the area, and the socio-economic projects that take place there and how they are related to conservation. The reserve also provides a Conference Room where students receive information through (documentaries, presentations, brochures), take rest from the crowd, have breakfast or lunch, play environmental games, make a hike in the reserve, bike in the villages and many others. Visitors to the reserve can view the history of biodiversity in the reserve, while learning of the dangers that threaten some species with extinction and discovering some species which have already been lost. In addition to the annual awareness activity under the title of “Rally for Nature” involving mainly students that have the following objectives:

  • Familiarize the student and build up their knowledge on the importance of forests.
  • Improve the environmental sense of students
  • Reconnecting youth generation with nature
  • Explore the trails of the reserve.
  • Exchange of information between students

Student Package

  • Watching the movie of the Reserve
  • Hiking in the Reserve
  • Environmental games
  • Lunch box (Mankoushi)

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