Capacity building program

Since the beginning of the protected areas (PAs) project- Lebanon in 1997, there was a need for the capacity building of Nature Reserves’ teams, as a ACR’s management team we started our training through the PAs project by cooperation with the IUCN that was the technical support in addition to the participation in many national, regional and international workshops and training courses that organized by professional institutions, universities, NGOs in different Arab countries, Europe and USA. After that, during the year 2000 and when our programs began to develop especially that related with our different local stakeholders (Municipalities, Herders, Beekeepers, Women, Schools, Volunteers, and etc) we found the necessity to establish our own capacity building program. Through this program, we organize (in cooperation with different local and regional partners) many training courses about:

  • The basic concept of protected area management
  • Nature conservation and protection
  • Biodiversity monitoring and identification especially (plants classification and identification)
  • Environmental education and interpretation
  • Eco-tourism guiding and visitor management
  • Grazing management (nutrition and diseases control for the goats)
  • Rural development (production, packaging, promotion of the traditional food products)
  • Sustainable use of medicinal, edible and aromatic plants
  • Forest fire fighting
  • Etc.